• Installation view of final major project exhibit

    Angelique Kidjo: Remain in Light

    Final major project on Level 4 UAL Foundation Art and Design diploma

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  • Print of Victorian era diver and whale underwater

    Jabberwocky illustrations

    Reduction lino prints

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  • Sample text using Kidjo font

    Kidjo Font

    Font designed as part of final major project Level 4 UAL Foundation Art and Design diploma

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  • Book spread with print showing girl on mushroom talking to giant catepillar who is smoking

    Alice in Wonderland illustrations

    Lino prints

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  • Animation of bedroom with point of view from bed and showing posters, furniture and cat

    My Room animation

    Procreate and GIF animation

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  • Cover of zine collaged from magazines and with drawing of man and cutout lettering

    It Was Brillig


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  • Animation of World War One era posters with flying saucers in style of Space Invaders arcade game

    Women of Britain

    Screen prints and animated GIF

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  • Life drawing of woman from neck up

    Life Drawings


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  • Animation of girl swinging ribbon around her head

    “Wrap under” collaborative animation


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  • Life drawing in pencil of woman

    Life drawings

    Pencil on paper

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  • Abstract architectural shapes

    Risograph Prints

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  • Coloured chalk drawings of women from behind

    Experimental and collaborative life drawing

    Various media

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  • Abstract compositions of fusion reactor in yellow and blue

    Fusion Reactor

    Transfer Inks and Heat Press

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  • Abstract map of a journey with QR codes

    QR code sound map

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  • Life drawing of hand in black and shades of grey

    Hands and Feet


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